Importing formula filed using ALI


We import Monday data into another system we use using Monday API.
Calculated columns using the formula columns are not imported.
We solved it by using General Caster. Is there any other alternative ?

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Hello Fabian!

Thank you for reaching out. I understand that you are importing data from into another system using the Monday API, but you have encountered an issue with calculated columns that are not being imported. You mentioned that you have found a solution by using General Caster, but you are interested in exploring alternative options.

When it comes to importing calculated columns from into another system, using a tool like General Caster can indeed be a viable solution. It allows you to transform and map the data, including calculated columns, before exporting it to your desired destination.

However, if you’re looking for alternative methods, you may consider using custom scripts or building a custom integration using the Monday API. With custom scripts, you can programmatically retrieve the data from, including the calculated columns, and perform any necessary transformations before exporting it to your other system.

Alternatively, building a custom integration using the Monday API gives you more control over the data extraction process. You can retrieve the necessary data, including calculated column values, directly from and format it according to the requirements of your other system.

If you would like further assistance or discuss these options in more detail, please feel free to contact me at Our team at Rally Essentials specializes in custom development and integrations, and we can help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

Formula columns are calculated front end (in your browser). Therefore the monday API has no access to the outcome of the formula. General Caster takes a different approach by calculating the formula in the backend and cast the result to a normal monday column.