Importing formula result from Monday to Google Docs

I am creating a document from a Google Doc Template. All of the data is picked up by Zapier except for the data that is generated by a formula. Below the first screen shot is what is showing on the Monday Board and the second screen shot is what is shown after the doc is create from the template.
Any ideas?

hi @Sue_Menard

Welcome to this community! As the formula column is a client side column (i.e. the formula executes in your browser) the outcome of the formula can not be accessed anywhere within monday, that includes automations and integrations.

There is an app called General Caster the bypasses this problem.

Hi Sue,

Formulas are not accessible by the API (Zapier). The ir data is not stored in the monday database but is calculated dynamically when the board is displayed. The workaround would be to use a 3rd-party app that does not use the Formula column to run your calculations. The Advanced Formula Booster is one of them. It allows you to create calculations that write their results to any type of columns which ultimately means you can export them without any problem.

Thanks so much. Vdry helpful.