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Hi there, I’m building an app that consumes " Formula Column " for a client who is Monday’s partner with a free plan but have some access to special features being as a partner. Formula column is available in paid plans but my client is saying that he is a Monday’s partner and he can have this feature in his free plan. Now how do I use Formula column which I’m not able to use ?
Your little guidance is appreciated and let me if some more information is required

Hi umermib,
In my understanding formula values are calculated on the go, front side.
You can not fetch them with api.
A solution is to calculate the value you need in your App.
This link to an App which might interest you:
General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

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Hi there @umermib :wave:

Thanks for reaching out with this!

To be transparent with you, it does seem like what you are looking to achieve is something that our support team can help you with, as we’d need to look into your account details and see how we can help. I would recommend reaching out to us at to get help with this issue, as this is not something that the developer community can help you with :slight_smile: I hope that makes sense and I am really sorry for the double effort on your end.