General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

Omnidea is thrilled to announce the release of General Caster.

This brand new app includes a collection of automation recipes aimed at performing enhanced calculations in without using a formula column.


As of now, we have released two integration recipes.

  • MATH: When any column changes, perform math formula and cast result to column.
  • CURRENCY: When column changes, convert amount from currency to currency and cast result to column.

General Caster will be in beta until September 2020. Until then, we will be adding new features and work on bug fixing.

Click here for documentation and apply to join our beta program!


Hey rob,

Congrats for this development. Just wanted to know your journey while building these integration. You used which language?

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Hey @Dhruv45.
General Caster Ingredients: 85% Node.js, 15% tears and curses, 5% knowledge of percentages…

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Hi @rob what kind of operators can we use, only math or logicals too? example. IF ? AND ? OR?

Logical operators are not supported yet, but we are working on it.
You can use all math expressions listed here:

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This looks great! Is it able to do math involving time tracking columns? We currently have a formula set up that calculates the difference between the number of hours a client purchased (in a number column) and the time we’ve spent working with them (in a time tracking column).

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Thanks, @mwdiscopod.
General Caster currently supports separated recipes for each column type (i.e. number column for math calculations).
We are going to extend support to all columns inside the same recipe.

Hi @rob - will this become a fully integrated app within Monday at some point?

I’m not quite ready to click ‘Install’ on the message that says Caster has not been reviewed or approved by Monday and it will have access to all of our boards’ data. :grimacing:


You should talk with monday on this matter. BTW, @mondayCEO, General Caster is for sale… :grinning:

Due to how monday architecture is designed, complete board read and write permissions are required. Anyway General Caster doesn’t read any relevant data except for the columns used in the calculation and it doesn’t save anything.


@rob I will buy you a beer (and get rid of my custom code zapier zaps!) if you can do link column autofilling based on text value in another column. For example:

  1. You create a new pulse/item
  2. You fill in a column like “Favorite Color” or “Phone Number” for that item
  3. General Caster automatically creates a link in “CRM Lookup Link” column with url “[value from favorite color col]&phone=[value from phone col]”

Right now i have zaps that do this and make the change via apiv2 mutation calls. But apiv2 syntax is friendly as a cactus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

PS how did you come up with the name General Caster? I’m not sure I get it lol

Hey @jk193.

You can do that with…

The Marvelous General Caster v2

Now shinier than ever!

You can perform any and every formula supported by Formula column and cast result to another column.

The old Math recipe is now deprecated. Now you can use the generic Formula recipe.


It casts generic results so we mocked the US officer…

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I’m really enjoying the support and excitement you are currently providing with this feature :slight_smile: The name is awesome too.

I’ll make sure to pass any users who are looking for something like this in our support channels to this community post! Such an awesome way to help and provide even more value than ever.



Hi @rob

I have a board that looks sort of like this

Open opportunities

  • Opp x (value x)
  • Opp y (value x)
  • Opp z (value x)

Won opportunities

  • Opp a (value x)
  • Opp b (value x)
  • Opp c (value x)

Lost opportunities

  • Opp g (value x)
  • Opp j (value x)
  • Opp d (value x)

Now, I need to do reporting and I would like to do it in the dashboard and display for example the conversion rate of WON. To do that I would have to take the SUM value of groups: OPEN, WON, LOST and divide by SUM value of group WON that should result in a %.

Will general caster have a dashboard widget that supports doing these kind reporting calculations or am I being too optimistic?

As soon general caster can do this and be vetted by Monday as a safe app to use. Then the sky’s the limit.


Hey @Emil.
General Caster currently is a set of recipes, no widgets are available.
Anyway you can perform any formula supported by Monday and use the result as input for your widget.

Ok I understand. However will you be able to take the SUM total of a column and calculate with SUM total of another column in a board?

Calculations based on entire columns (all items in a group/board) is not supported yet and is something we are still thinking about due to how monday triggers an action.

Ok great. I will then keep following the progress. I wish you all the best with General Castor and hopefully one day it will become the tool that makes Monday “whole”.

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Hi Rob,

We are starting to collect app nominations for the upcoming beta phase of the marketplace - let me know if this is of interest to you.


Hi Rob,

When I cast a formula to a column type that is NOT Text, the automation does not work.

I understand this may be a limitation of
However, do you have any suggestions on how to format a formula so that the results from the formula can be casted to a column type such as tags or dropdown?