General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

Hey @DaveFiorante, we have recently updated General Caster and now it casts formula result to many column types.
In addition we have fixed Currency recipe and now it supports conversions to any currencies.

Documentation is available here:

Hi Rob, I’ve just signed up and am using your beta version. Am having trouble (caused by my own stupidness, no doubt) getting my formula to work. Do you guys have a support email I could use please? Would really love some assistance please.

Hey @MarkHHH
Just use the feedback button at the bottom of this page.

can I do this: “when status/formula changes to something, set timeline dates to…” ?

Hey @danaaviv. Timeline requires two dates (from -> to) while General Caster can cast a single result. If something like 2020-09-01;2020-09-15 can be ok for you, we can split the result and use parts for timeline.