🪄 Column Magic✨ - the new magical columns toolbox

I’m excited to announce that our first app for monday.com is now in the app marketpalce…

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:

The app provides powerful, easy-to-use recipes delivering enhanced functionality for monday board columns.

Some of the tools…

:magic_wand: Copy values between columns, including mirror columns
:magic_wand: Functions for REQUIRED COLUMNS
:magic_wand: Perform mathematical calculations
:magic_wand: Remove “(copy)” from duplicated items
:magic_wand: Push a date keeping the time (even push by hours or minutes)
:magic_wand: When a file is uploaded or deleted, set a status
:magic_wand: Set a status when specific words are found in a text column
:magic_wand: REMOVE specific words from a text column
:magic_wand: Control column updates with simple APPROVE / DENY functionality

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles: available now in the image

Jim - The Monday Man


Sounds very useful.

I’ll check that out

This looks powerful Jim! Thanks for all your contributions to the Monday community!


Congrats. I bet I will end up needing some of that great functionality! Don’t suppose it supports sub items?


Thank you for the encouragement! Please let me know what you think!

Jim - The Monday Man

@jsararas @psperry

Thank you!

Subitems are not yet supported. But adding them is planned.


Just having a play with it Jim and looks like it doesn’t support copying to Tag columns; is this on the radar?

Loving the delete Copy.



LOL… We didn’t include them because: 1) technically they’re a little complex, surprisingly 2) we didn’t think that anyone would care.

Can you give me details on your use case?

I’m actually using General Caster at the moment to cast a column which contains a job number on a number of Boards to a tag column, which means I can use the tag to aggregate all the pulses on each board against one job.

General Caster is okay for the job, but your option seems more elegant and simple.

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Thank you for your work Jim its very valuable and you are helping a lot THANK YOU :innocent:

Yes!!! Amazing Jim! Glad it’s finally here! I see installing this on many environments moving forward. Great work!!

@JCorrell Doesn’t work with formula columns either as far as I can see. I created a formula column using LEFT to truncate another field but can’t copy from their to a text field.

Wow, sounds great!
Can you design something that enables us to move files between columns too?

Thank you all for your continued support. Seems that people are taking to the Magic🪄

@Noelie2000, I have added tags to the list. General Caster is powerful. And now, for those that just want to copy columns, there’s another option. I’m glad you are finding it useful. Formula columns are not supported. Stay tuned.

@Izobelle, we are just getting started… much more to come. I’s so encouraging to hear our efforts are making an impact.

@mark.anley - Thanks Mark. Let me know about how you’re using the “spells”. :grinning:

@SarahJacobs, We have looked at that in depth. If that is a pressing need for you, maybe we should talk.

Thanks all!

Jim - The Monday Man

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

Hello. I tried to use some of the mirror column integrations but it would not pull any of my mirror columns from my board into the recipe.


I’m sorry to hear that you are having an issue and would certainly like to help get this working for you.

Please send us the details here Monday Man App Support.

If you prefer, you can email us directly at support@themondayman.com.

Jim - The Monday Man

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

Loving the Copy values between columns functionality. We have a custom app that assigns a person from another column based on the status. Any chance it can notify a person and/or team if the source column is empty/not assigned?


Awesome to hear that you are finding the copy columns useful!

Required columns functionality does not yet support notification, although that is on our roadmap.

In the meantime, you may be able to utilize the Column Magic: “Set Status on Required Columns” recipe in conjunction with the standard “When status changes to something notify someone” recipe to get the functionality you want.

Please let me know if you need help.

Jim - The Monday Man

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

Great work!

Any chance to copy updates to text?

God I’ve been wanting to copy update → text → formula for searching email expression → cast formula to text → auto connect item to crm based on email for a very long time

such a feature would truly make the email integration complete

Hey All…

We released our first update to :magic_wand:Column Magic. (And details regarding :magic_wand:Update Magic)

Read the Update Email for more details.

Jim - The Monday Man
:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles: - the magical columns toolbox app