Copy update into text column


I would like to create an automation to copy an update into a text column, so when we go through our team meetings we can see the updates for all items (clients) just by hovering over the text column, as opposed to having to open each item.

I don’t see any recipe for this nor the tools to create a manual automation.

Does anyone have any suggestion/advice?


Hi @matiaspulido - you can check out the Extract app as it has this type of functionality.



Update Magic has a similar function. You can see the documentation here. If you would like to try it, let me know. It is currently under review to be included in the marketplace.

Jim - The Monday Man
:magic_wand:Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

Thanks Correll. I am testing it the use case “Write Update to Column [COLUMN]” but I don’t see the option. Isn’t it available in the free trial?

Thanks Mark! This app definitely does the trick but I find it a bit expensive. I will see if some of the additional functionality it provides could make it worth it.




Update Magic is not yet in the apps marketplace. It is currently under review. I’m guessing that you are looking at Column Magic which has some very cool features. But not that one.

If you would like to try Update Magic, contact me directly here: Contact – The Monday Man

Jim - The Monday Man
:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

Great news @matiaspulido Extract marketplace app can help you with that.


:magic_wand: Update Magic :sparkles: — Is now live in the monday apps marketplace.

Jim - The Monday Man
:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- The magical columns toolbox app

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Thanks Jim! Will go ahead and try it :slight_smile:

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