Column Magic Automations

I was advised to use Column Magic for this automation requirement.
In Board A I have a mirror column from a Setup Database of all of the process types to be followed.
I want that process type to move through the 7 steps in the whole workflow, but mirroring restricts the use to three times.
I therefore want to use Column Magic to copy the original data in Board A into another text column, either in Board A or Board B, and then use that column to copy from one board to another without using the mirror function.
I have installed Column Magic, but I cannot find a way to bring up any recipes for the automation, or even a way to create a custom recipe.
Has anyone used this tool>
Can anyone tell/show me how to do this?
Many thanks

Hi Sue, asking a few questions to better understand your use case. What is your workflow/process? It sounds like you have 7 steps from start to finish, perhaps you would be better off using a status column to indicate this? You can use automations to change the status multiple times, e.g. when Process #1 = done, change status of Process #2 = in progress. Can I check why you would want to use Column Magic rather than a typical mirror + connect boards column, or a status column?

@Sue_Menard1 were we able to answer your questions in your support request?

@lwatkins31 Sue is trying to overcome the mirror of mirror being the limitation, you cannot do mirrors of mirrors of mirrors. With Column Magic, Sue is able to copy the mirrored value to a local column, then it can be used without that limitation.