Duplicate updates/conversations

Hi guys,
I have an automation which creates a new item on a different board and connects it to a master board, then uses mirror columns - Is there a way to see the updates / conversation linked to the original item?

We are using it for project management - the PM assigns a member of staff to a sub item within a project, that triggers the automation and on the staff members board it now shows the item, however the updates / conversations do not show.

Is there a way to do this with automations?

Hi @johnners - there is an app called Conversations that will allow for displaying of updates between connected items.

Also, I know @JCorrell is working on a new app “Update Magic” that has a function to copy updates to connected items.

So there are some options out there.

@mark.anley, since I can’t DM you :grin:Update Magic is fully functional and has been submitted for inclusion in the monday app marketplace.

Jim - The Monday Man
:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:- the magical columns toolbox app

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Amazing - great news Jim!