Workaround of the week: Sync updates between connected items

Ever wanted to mirror updates across connected items?! :arrows_counterclockwise:

We are certain that some of you have, so cast your eyes on this nifty workaround below which combats this limitation and allows those updates to sync between boards.

All you will need to set this up is a connect boards column between 2 boards and a status column to mirror across boards :eyes: Please be aware that it is not possible to edit updates posted through the status labels.

On that note, we also want to hear from you and celebrate the mastery that shines within this community! If you have ever come across a workaround that is too good to keep quiet, share it in the comments below - whether it’s your own workaround or the works of another incredible community member. We’d love to increase community involvement in our posts and help our fellow community members on their journey by sharing your own tips, tricks, and best practices :open_hands:

We can’t wait to hear from you :smiley:


I’d rather use Update Magic :wink:

This copies updates using usual methods rather than the status update.



This is a very good update!

Will this be available for the subitems as well in near future. As our “important” items are the subitems we very often get stuck because subitems are not supported in a lot of functions. :frowning: