One item on two boards with same updates (Item synchronisation on two boards)


I want to create automation which should work like this: when on “BOARD 1” I will create Item this Item would be mirrored/synced to the “BOARD 2” and all updates that some user will make inside this Item on BOARD 2 will be visible on BOARD 1 in the same item too.

Is there any chance to do this in Monday?

I already tested “Connect boards” and “Mirror” features but these features are only usefull for columns (cells), they don’t show change inside Item (updates).


Hey @MattPL,

I am afraid this isn’t currently possible - I apologise for the setback :pray:

This is actually a feature that is on our long-term roadmap. You can add your vote to the existing feature request here → Shared or mirrored updates for connected items :pray:

Thank you @BiancaT for quick reply. Glad that this feature will be developed in the future.


You should check out the conversations app on the marketplace, developed by Omnitas one of our platinum partners. Its a fantastic app and i have used it to sync updates across linked items in multiple implementations, it works very well.

Hi @MattPL , we’ve made a video specifically for your concern and how to address it. Please watch it here Syncing items or boards including updates in boards | Same Item Multiple Boards