Updates between connected items using the @mention feature?

My team really would love a way for an update on an item on board A to appear on the connected item on board B. While I don’t currently see a way to do this, I have put in a feature request for this functionality, however…

It appears there was once an option to include the item name as an @ mention and have it duplicate the update to the item on the second board. Where did this feature go? How do we get it back?

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Do you need specific updates added to a specific connected item, or all non-reply updates to be added to all connected items?

Basically, I have an admin board and a work board. The job starts in the admin board and at a certain part in the process, a duplicate job is created on the work board. From there, when certain parameters are met on the item on the work board, the board connections and mirror columns will pull information back to the admin board.

All of that is fine, but we have 2 different teams working at any given time, each team on a specific board (with no access to the other board for a number of reasons). If the person working on the “work” board posts a update on an item, even a generic one, we really need it to show up in the updates section on both boards for the best communication. Yes, people and teams can be tagged, but that ultimately doesn’t help us archive updates and info on a specific job.

Eventually, the job is complete and it will be removed from the work board but remain on the admin board…where all job information should be held, including updates.

Sorry, that was a really long-winded way of saying “we need updates made on an item in either board to be visible on the same/connected item on another board”

It’s more about ease of communication and full visibility on specific jobs than anything.


The app in the marketplace “Update Magic #1” includes a recipe that copies updates from an item to a connected item (and has smarts to not create a loop.), though it today has a limitation that it can’t copy replies to updates.

This may solve the problem for you.

Full disclosure, I am part of the team that developed the app.

We also have an app “Column Magic” That includes some features to copy mirror columns, or copy to mirror columns to help transfer data.

I appreciate the info, and the disclosure. haha

I was recently using Column Magic for some other integrations. Worked pretty well, I’m just looking to avoid more out of pocket cost than we already have and the number of sparks would exceed the free plan max.

I’ll still look into it, and again, I appreciate the info.

I am with you in this need, currently using “conversations” app, but would love a native option that doesnt cost more money.

We use emails and activities widget using notes. Install widget on every connected board and communicate thru widget inter-board instead/in addition to updates. Only draw back you can’t comment on post. You need to create a new post.

We actually wrote a small python script to be able to copy an update just created on Board A to another board(s). It is running on 0 cost in AWS Labda (but you can run it in Zap if you want) triggered by Monday’s webhooks.

This might sound too complicate, but actually it is pretty easy, and much cheaper then Monday apps/extensions generally.

We open sourced the entire solution:

Feel free to reach us out if you need help on this or solve any Monday situation: monday@rolloutit.net

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