Send update info to update of the connected item in another board?


Currently, I update work details in high level board, and when I assign a task for a department, an item is created and connected in the department’s board.

The issue is I have to write the updates in the department’s board again because I don’t allow them access to my high level board. Is there a way for the info in the Update go from high level board to that of department board when I assign a task?
I don’t seem to see any automation that could do that.


+1 on this , connected boards should have connected updates…


Yep +1 from me on this one too.

We work a lot with connected boards and having to look back for updates is a pain

This would be huge for me. I manage all my projects from a high level with different teams working from other boards. It would be create if the updates could link to a already connected pulse

Hey @Norawat

There is currently not a way to mirror the updates, however there is a cool feature where you can at-mention another pulse in your update to duplicate the comment in another pulse (by typing @ and then the name of the pulse)

For example, if I want my update to appear on the item called ‘SAMPLE’ on the department board, I can @ SAMPLE and choose the item called SAMPLE on the Department Board. This update will then appear on both the item that you are writing the update on as well as the SAMPLE item that you mentioned.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 4.08.42 PM

Hope this helps!


That looks wonderful! But I just tested it and it is not working for me. Perhaps there’s a detail that I’m missing?

@jennap ,

I tested putting in the item name after “@”, I couldn’t find the item. Apparently, the list available are only “Name” and “Team”.

Do I need Monday team to enable the feature for my account first?

In addition, is this feature possible for cross-board update?
E.g. I updated for Item A in Board A, and can I select Item B in Board B as the update destination?

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Hi @Norawat and @viverito :wave:

It’s possible that this feature is slowly being deprecated for new accounts, so I do apologize if you are no longer seeing this option when utilizing the updates section.

While it’s not possible to mirror the updates section of an item, I would suggest utilizing a text column and mirroring that between the boards if possible. Otherwise, you will need to continue going to the original board in order to see that item’s update information.

However, I have passed along the feedback for you but you can also vote for and support this feedback post that our Product Team also takes into consideration when making plans for future adjustments to the platform: Feature Feedback Post

I hope this helps!


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