Formulas Using Columns Summaries

Is there anyway to use a formula to calculate a value from several column summaries? For example, if I have 3 column summaries (Column A, Column B, Column C), I’d like a formula that could provide a value for formula = (Column A Summary-Column B Summary)/Column C Summary. Is this currently possible in base product, or with an add-on app?

In addition, I’d like the values in the column summaries to change based on the information being filtered and have the formula adjust automatically.

I created an example board to show the issue:

HI @mfildes ,

If Monday does not provide this functionality in its base product, you might be able to achieve your desired outcome using Make that extend the platform’s capabilities.

Using Make you can create scenarios (workflows) that involve and other applications to perform complex calculations, manipulate data, and automate tasks based on triggers or specific conditions.

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Hi… Did you find a free solution to this? I have the same request.