Adding and or dividing sums of number columns

Hello community.
I am trying to build a budget template in I need to build costs for several deliverables in one workspace. Using the sum columns, I would like to be able to add the sum of several groups within my workspace/budget and also divide these sum totals to get the gross margin. Anyone figure out how to create sum of a sum and or averages?

@heather.charest try using the number columns on a dashboard,
Gross margin is a bit more difficult but you can kind of get the data using a couple of number columns and a pie chart on a dashboard.
Unfortunately at this time Dashboards don’t support doing calculations on column data so any total calculations like gross margin have to be done with workarounds like the pie chart I mention above.

Thanks for the reply. The challenge is that I am needing to calculate the sum of several formula columns as well as overall gross margin. I think this might be something beyond’s capabilities