Create a business budget?

Hi Guys,
We are using excel to handle our budgeting at the moment. so we have roughly 80 lines of either income and expenses and then 24 columns (monthly projected, monthly actual).

I’ve just imported this in to a new board I’ve set up, then in March Budget, I’ve entered all the numbers, but I’m trying to work out if there is a way of having a sum of all the items within the same column - I can set up a sum for the group, so I’m thinking of having one group as Sales Forcast, then a second group of Expenses / overheads, is there a way (function) of saying the total of group A minus group B =…

Hi @johnners - From the math perspective, if you entered your expenses as negatives it would make it easy to calc, otherwise you could create a formula column with a simple expression like this:

Then if you enable board summary via monday.labs you can see the difference by collapsing the groups in the board and easily visualize with number widgets in a dashboard:

The number widgets are just filtered by group for the first two and the sum of both groups for the (net) column.

Hope this helps!
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