Use Total amount or Total Summary in formula

How can i use the total amount of the column into a formula? i mean if the summary column is 100 i want to use that value into a formula. is that possible?


This is not currently possible in base monday. You would need to use something like Integromat or possibly a marketplace app to provide that.


do you know some marketplace app to do this?

@SAMlatinoamerica @JCorrell there is a marketplace app that can do that. The Analytics & Reports by Screenful add-on allows creating charts that combine data from any number of monday boards and has a calculated field that allows calculations between columns.

You can place those charts in monday dashboards

Notice that in order to make calculation based on the column summaries, you need to group the table chart by “data source (monday board)”. That means that each row in the chart corresponds to the total per column and the calculated field will can use those totals. Reach out to if you need any assistance.


I took a look at the marketplace. Other than possibly the app that Sami mentioned, I didn’t see anything.

If you are interested, I can show you how to do it with Integromat.


@JCorrell yes please Jim how can i do that with integromat? o with zapier (i use more zapier than integromat) thank you very much for your help


I just posted a video that shows the basics on how to do this in Integromat:

I don’t know Zapier nearly as well. I’m sure this could be done with Zapier.

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