Formula - Totalling figures based on first column value

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I could really use some formula support!
I’ve been asked to pull together a simple board replicating a spreadsheet which totals values per month, per client, per project (columns go Client, job no, job name, status, months Jan-Dec, project total). The final column is a formula column which totals the line item. See screenshot of spreadsheet below.

I’ve been asked to create an additional formula column which will give you the total value per client. For example:
If Client 1 appears in first column, then the output should be the totals of all values listed.
Is this possible? If so, how would you suggest I include this and set the formula?
I assumed it woud be an IF formula but I struggle with getting this right.

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monday formulas can only directly reference columns/values in the same item. To “reference” other items, you will have to use either subitems with columns summarized in the parent, connected boards and mirrors, or a custom “coding” type of solution with Make/Integromat or similar.

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Hi @JCorrell Thank you so much for this response. I thought it might be the case. Shame that formula columns in Monday are so limited at present!

I’ve found a workaround in the meantime which works quite nicely for us.

Thank you so much for this.

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If your workaround is something that others could use, please share it with us.

Of course!

We have actually opted to split the data into groups and then create two board views plus a dashboard. The groups we have are for confirmed or live projects, quoted/new biz and then on hold.

We have one board view which is essentially a ‘raw data board’ where new entries are added at the bottom of the list of the appropriate group.
The second view is a sorted A-Z list which shows us all work sorted by clients.

We have a final column which include line totals and then have opted to extract the information into a dashboard vs using a formula on the board itself. We’ve combined charts and numbers widgets to detail client totals, accrued and end of year goals. We were hoping to utilise the Goals widget but unfortunately with formula columns still quite restrictive in their use, we have opted to use the numbers widgets instead.
We also utilised the automations to be able to move things from groups and have them automatically sort based on the status labels.

Hope this helps!

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