Use Formula Column as Date

It would be great if you could use a formula column to auto-populate dates and then be able to create automations for notifications based on the date in that formula column. For example, we would like to enter the final due date for a project and use a formula column to auto populate another date that can be actioned against for notifications or other automations.

Yes!! So glad I found this thread. I have been trying for several days to find a work around with no luck yet.
I am trying to see some items in Calendar view but Calendar will only show items with a true “Date” column type even though the output of my formula is a date it cannot be seen there. It is really inhibiting my ability to create automations in overall.
I am having the same problem with formulas with number outputs. I would love to have a function that forces the formula output to a specific data/column type.
Without a way to use formula columns with automations and calendar etc… they are not very useful. Can we know what the plan is here? Can we hope for some sort of solution going forward?