Formula with automation


I hope someone can help and I’m not sure if this may have been answered already but here goes.

I have a formula column in my Monday board which calculates if one column (contains time tracking) goes over the value of another column (contains numbers).

I use the following formula: IF(TEXT({Actual Completed Time}/3600)>{Task Time}, “Over Budget”, “Under Budget”)

In the budget column which contains the formula, it will either have “Over Budget” in text or “Under Budget”.

The problem I have is I would like to target this column depending on either of the two values and send out an email alert. However, I can see no automation which allows me to pin point this column along with the value.

I understand that this is not server side calculations and that may be the issue.

Does anyone know how I can read the formula column and it’s text value so I can create an automation? If Monday doesn’t allow this by default, is there an integration which would help with this?

Any feedback or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @anthonywoods

You are correct, the formula column is “calculated” client side, there is no way to access the outcome of a formulae column anywhere in monday (not through automations, API, mirrors etc.) You can use an app like General Caster that does formula calculation server side and output to “normal” monday columns.

Hi @basdebruin,

Thank you for your reply and explanation.

I will have a look at your recommendation :slight_smile:

Kind regards