Dupllicate pulse item name to column

We have a link with our marketing email program Active Campaign through Zapier. Zapier makes sure we have our lead entered in Monday with the email address as the name of the Pulse.

However to get another automation working correctly I have an additional column where I want the email address. Is it possible to somehow (automatically) duplicate the pulse name value to a column?

Hey @proagenda.com, thank you for posting with this question!

At the moment there’s no way to duplicate the pulse’s name to the email column. What would you think of using only the email column for the email address, and other information (e.g. the item name) as the pulse name?

@TRB-monday.com Problem is from Zapier it seems we can only fill one column in the puls. If we do not set the email as the main name, we do not get the email in the puls at all. It would be great if you could extend your zapier integration so we can enter more fields.

As you can see in the image, we can only fill Pulse name. If we set the name here, the email address is not send to Monday.