Connecting Monday and Zapier


I want to connect a Zapier function with Monday.
Is it possible to update the Pulse ID or search it with the text in the first step?

For example:
I want to update an existing Pulse, but I want to search it with a specific text, not by the Pulse ID.

Is it clear what I mean?

Thank you for your help.

Howdy @H.unger :wave: will not allow you to change the Pulse ID (which is now referred to as the Item IT - but it’s the same exact thing) under any circumstances.

I’m afraid that, with Zapier, you cannot currently search for items by column value - such as the value within a Text Column.

With that said, I’ve since passed your feedback along to our team for review and consideration as we continue to make improvements to our Zapier integration – I can absolutely see how that would be a great addition and open up the potential use cases substantially :slight_smile: