Updating Item Status in Zapier

I have a trigger set up currently off of a google form / google sheet that when a new response is submitted, it adds the new employee / their information to our Employee Onboarding board.

I now have path’s set up so that based on the employee type, I can update the employee status on the board – but I keep getting an “Internal Server Error” when trying to set up the Update Item Column Value action.

I’ve seen a few other topic posts that have had very similar issues (or the same) but I have yet to find a post that has solved the issue.

I have tried the action with both the {“index”:“number”} code and the {“label”:“STATUSNAME”} variations with no success…

Anyone out there ever get this issue figured out?

I’ve included a screenshot of the set up action page, my error page, and the Monday board (with information cut out except for my obviously fake test line haha)


Hey @Jess-Robertson :wave:

It seems like you are using an Item ID that wouldn’t exist on monday.com:

Instead, you will always need to use the ID of the item on your monday.com board. This would be the part of th URL that comes after /pulses/

If you are using a step that works with a monday.com trigger, you could use the ID from there. Otherwise, you will need to make sure that your Google Sheet has a column that is populated with the Item IDs from monday.com, and to send the request to the matching ID on your board. Does that make sense?

To be transparent with you, I’ve just tested this to make sure the Zap works in theory, and had no issues updating the item:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


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