Updating items from JIRA to Monday through Zapier issue

Appreciate if someone can help me out here.

Able to create new items in monday from JIRA through zapier, however updating those items is giving me some issues.
I choose the ‘update item multiple column’ values options but when customizing the data, I’m not sure how the item id should be picked/written. If choosing from the list (1st image), it will only update that item regardless of what jira issue was updated. When using custom, (2nd image) i get an ‘internal error message’.
Is there a way to choose to match to the item in the item list?

Hey @mliang ,

could you share your error message?


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@TMNXT-Dev thanks for helping out here and moving the conversation along, I appreciate it!

Just to clarify, I do think the issue seems to be coming from the Item ID value you are trying to use here in the custom integration:

The Monday.com item ID has to be reflected in some way in your Jira’s fields as a numeric value. Here is an example of a Monday.com board and Item ID (those are always numeric):


You can find the Item ID in the URL itself after /pulses/, or you can use the option here to get the same ID:

Let me know if this seems to work better!


Hi Thanks for replying

Maybe I’m not understanding your resolution.

But if I choose the Item Id in that step, that means it will be the ONLY item that will get updated right?

I am already creating new JIRA tickets (based on JQL) and sending them over to Monday.com. If I were to update those specific JIRA tickets (in JIRA); I want to be able to get the updates into the corresponding Monday ticket as well.

What is the right way to do this dynamically or am I doing something wrong with my setup?


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Thank you for getting back to me and I’m sorry if I had been unclear previously! Let me try and shed a bit more light on this.

To clarify further, every Monday.com board and item have their own Unique IDs that the system uses to reference those specific data points. You can find more info on this setup here:

Where to find board, item, and column IDs

In your setup, I believe you’ll need to add an extra step here. When a JIRA ticket causes an item to be created on Monday.com, you’ll need to pass the ID of the created item back to JIRA to a specific field. For example, you could pass the ID of the new item to the Summary field and then Zapier could fetch that ID to update the item later on.

To take this a step further, let’s run this scenario:

Jira Ticket “New Ticket” creates a new item on Monday.com in Board 123456789, and its Item Id is 987654321.
If you pass that to the Summary Field, your summary should now read 987654321.
Now, the integration is able to match the item with the ticket, allowing you to achieve the dynamic sync.

Does that make more sense? Please let me know!


Thanks for clarifying more on the solution
What do you mean by passing that item id to the summary field to read as 987654321.
How do I pass the item id to the summary until after its been created on monday.
Right now we are copying the summary from JIRA into the Monday Summary field right now.

So based on your solution that we have to send info back to JIRA:
While trying to set up the zap, is there a way to load additional column data from Monday?
Doing a search for the JIRA issue by summary is not as great as by the jira issue key.
The jira issue key is a part of the item in Monday (screenshot 1) but not available for selection in the drop down (screenshot 2).

We are able to pass the Monday item id sometimes (based on the summary search). When it works, we are able to update dynamically on Monday boards. However the summary search isn’t reliable all the time.

  1. we get random jql errors (screen shot 3) and some pass fine (screen shot 4). Seems like special chars don’t get escaped properly.
  2. it updates an older issue with similar name

We’ve been working on this for some time now, and can’t get to a satisfactory conclusion for our situation. We have a single project that we are trying to use Monday for. We don’t wish to pull every Jira issue into Monday. We only want to track changes to those issues that have the monday.com fields filled out. Is there any way we can subset? There are way too many issues in our Jira system to make this feasible if we had to do it for all issues. We keep getting timed out. We’d love some help as if this integration doesn’t work, Monday is going to be a tough sell as the work it would take to keep the two systems in sync would be prohibitive. We welcome any suggestions.

Hi Alex, We need a couple of clarifications to understand if this integration can work.

  1. Can we update only a subset of items in Monday - rather than our entire Jira implementation

We’re simply trying to follow about 120 issues that are in Jira.
Goal is to simply have them in a worksheet of Raw Jira Data that captures Jira Key, Name, MCC# and Status. We’ll then mirror those fields in our more complex Worksheet that we are using for project management of a complex project.

We seem to be running into errors because it’s attempting to sync all Jira Issues to Monday, rather than the subset of 120 issues we are interested in.

If we don’t get this resolved in the next week, I’m afraid the enthusiasm for this project will wane quickly. Keeping two systems in sync & reconciled is time consuming. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Thank you for clarifying further and dedicating your time and effort to set this up in a way that would work for you and your team. I appreciate it!

To confirm, you would indeed need some kind of value to reference between Jira nad Monday in order to make the sync work. The reason I suggest using Monday’s Item ID is because it is unique in the platform, and you would not run into issues with updating the wrong item, or not updating the correct item. Does that make sense?

I definitely agree using Jira’s Summary field might not be the best practice here, but I would really use any kind of Jira field where you could store the item ID. The Item ID would have to be placed there after the item was created for the issue (for example), or after any other change that you think might make sense in your workflow, for example, once Status on Monday.com changes to “Update Jira”.

Do you think that approach could work?


To be transparent with you, I do not have much experience using Jira, but my understanding is that you are able to assign a certain status or type to certain tasks. Perhaps those that you need synced with Monday.com could use a specific value in that field, thus allowing you to only integrate a subset of tasks?

Having said that, I do think this community-built app might be a better approach to setting this up than Zapier currently provides, and I’m sure the developers of the app would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

I recommend taking a look at the thread here to see if the app sounds like something that could solve your issues:


Hi @AlexSavchuk thanks for the mention!

@erikthorne I believe Alex is right in suggesting Unito as a way to solve your issue. Using our app you would just need to establish an initial connection between monday & Jira, add rules to filter out and customize which issues you want synced (some possible rules could be to only sync issues with a specific label for example, so you could add the label in Jira on the 120 issues and only they would be synced to Monday) then choose what info you want to sync (ie. just titles? descriptions? due dates? all of the above?) within each issue.

You can take a ook at our features if that sounds like it could solve your problem: https://unito.io/features/


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