Update JIRA issues to Monday through Zapier:

Hi @AlexSavchuk I’m having the same issue you faced on your post wanting to update all Jira issues via Zapier, not just one by its ID: (Updating items from JIRA to Monday through Zapier issue).

I see you marked a solution in that post. I’m afraid I need more detail than was shared in that solution to make this work.

My Create looks like this, if that helps

Would you be willing to share your insight?

Hey @gchelak

Thanks for checking in with us here. Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, is there anythin gin particular in the process that I could shed more light on? Generally, to make the data syncable between the platforms, you’d need to make sure:

  • Each item created on monday.com will be created as an entry/issue on Jira, posting the monday.com item ID to Jira, and the Jira Issue ID back to the monday.com item;
  • From there, you could use those IDs in either platform to relate the entries to each other, and make sure that you can update the relevant data point when a change occurs.

Since Zapier doesn’t currently have a “search” block in Zapier at this time, you might need to use a custom request Zap step with an “items_by_column_values” query. For example, when a Jira Issue is updated, run a Custom Request using the items_by_column_values query to search your monday.com board for any items that have a matching Jira Issue ID, and then update the relevant items with the newest changes.

You can find more info on making custom requests with Zapier below:
Guide: Sending an API call via Zapier to get Integration column values!

This would not specifically apply to an integration column per se, but hopefully, this should be adaptable to your specific needs.

Does that help clarify at all? Let me know!


hi @AlexSavchuk

Thank for the reply. I’ve spent a few hours with the input and link, and am still running in to roadblocks. To your opening question, I’ll outline the the process I’m working on, and see if that highlights where I’m going wrong:

Goal: Reflect jira project issue progress data in monday.com to share transparent project updates, rollup dashboard reporting, and team velocity insight.

Process: one-way creates and updates from jira to monday.com, for specific jira projects. These go into 1 monday.com board, which has a group for each jira project.

Creates: I have Zap for each jira project I wish to reflect in monday.com. Those flow into their assigned group in the monday.com board.

Updates: stuck.
I do have the jira issue ID (ex. 12345) and the jira issue key (ex. ABC-123) in my monday.com board. My expected path is to feed jira issue updates into the monday.com board by jira issue ID, updating whatever fields change.

Using the link you provided, I’ve set up a webhook:

  1. Trigger: Catch hook (catches the hook from jira; carries the jira update data, works)
  2. Action: Post (not working)

This query:

(board_id: 123456789, column_id: “monday_board_column_id_for_jira_id”, column_value: “{{12345__issue__id}}”) {

Yields this successful test:

Any attempts to add additional data fields past id (pulls monday.com item id) & name (monday.com column name) creates errors (Field ‘column_name’ doesn’t exist on type ‘Item’). As such, I don’t see how I can pull in the jira data fields to drive an update in my monday.com board.

Based on your link, there’s a 3rd step that needs to happen (Action, Split Text) after the json string is created in step 2. I don’t seem to be able to generate this string.

The screenshots in that link have different/fewer options than what I currently seen in those step 1-3 screens in Zapier, so it looks like Zapier has update their webhook steps since.

Given my goal, and the above:

  • Am I pursuing this in the best way?
  • What am I missing to make this work?



Thank you for circling back with me!

I’m sorry to hear you are still having some issues setting this up. Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you getting an error when using the items_by_column_values query? In this flow, the only reason we are using this query via the API is to retrieve the Item ID. Then, to update the column values in monday.com, you can use the Update Column Values, with the ID of the item you have received from the custom query that was setup.

Does that make a little more sense? Let me know!


Hi @alexsavchuk

Thank you for the reply.

The error is occurring in step 2, items_by_column_values, as detailed in my prior reply. It occurs with the addition of fields beyond id or name in the query.

Thanks for clarifying that two queries are needed, and the purpose of each. Can you please provide structural examples of each?

Do both queries go in step two, in the same query field, one after the other?



Would you be able to clarify the need behind adding extra fields to the query in step 2? As far as I understand, you could simply add another Zap module called Get Column Values in order to get the column details as well. You could use the ID output from the items by column values query from there.

Otherwise, would you be able to clarify what you would be looking to query? I’d love to take a closer look and provide an example you could apply to your use case.


Hi @gchelak!

Since it’s been a while since we last heard from you, I’m going to mark Alex’s response as the solution.

If the issue is still occurring for you, please feel free to respond within a week or start a new thread.

Thank you~

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