Is there a Zapier action that would allow me to identify multiple column values of a specific pulse ID?

I’m working on connecting a board which has customer orders to Pipedrives. I want to link all columns in Monday with their respective custom field in Pipedirve. Is there any way to do this without making an individual zap for every custom field?

Hi @bysam!

Great question. You can, but this would most likely need more than just two steps in Zapier (i.e. more than just the “trigger” and the “action” steps).

The reason is because, as you’ve already seen, the data that is sent from a trigger (something like the “Column Value Changed in Board in” trigger) does not include all of the column value data for the item. It only includes data as to which item and which of its column values was changed.

As such, you will need to include another step in your Zap flow that is able to take the item ID returned from your trigger of the item that was changed, and use it to perform an API query of all of its column values. You can then take these values and update them into the relevant columns in Pipedrive.

Is something like this what you had in mind? If so, definitely get started here and let me know if you have any followup questions.

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