Specific Column Value Changed in Board Trigger w/ no Row Information

I’m trying to set up a zap for a Specific Column Value Changed in Board trigger

The issue I’m having, is that trying to set up the Action (sending a PandaDoc), the only data that is available for me to pull, are the changes made on the board.

I need to pull the row’s information to the various fields of the PandaDoc text fields, but I don’t seem to be able to access the rest of the row information. Just the specific column change values.

Has anyone done this before? Or used the Specific Column Value Change trigger, and been able to pull other row information?


hi @Jess-Robertson

Welcome to the community. I do not have experience with Zapier but experienced the same with Integromat. When you get triggered form the column_change_event you have access to the itemId. Why not query that item back using one of the Zaps to query an item in monday. In Integromat every one of my flows started with retrieving the full item from monday.

Hi @Jess-Robertson!

Yes, exactly what @basdebruin said. In this case, you would want to utilize another monday.com Zap of “Get column values,” and use the item Id of the item whose column was changed to query the rest of the information in the item’s columns.

Try this out and let us know if this helps!

I’ve tried that one – maybe I have my formatting wrong, but when I try to look up the values, I get an error that the Item couldn’t be found… I’ve also tried the Item ID with the line item title.
Do I need to format my column ID’s differently?

It looks like you’re using the column Id in the Item ID section!

You would want to utilize this Id here:


That you received to query the item column information.

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