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I have an action in my Zap to Get Column Values in I chose the Board to pull the values from but when I try and select the Item my only options are from Gmail (my trigger). Why does monday let me pick the board but not any of the values in the board? How do I find the monday values to chose from?

Hi @Jax!

If I remember correctly, you were hoping to utilize a Status change on your board to send a Gmail to the email stored in an email column on, right?

If this is still the case, you would need two Zap steps, the first that acts as the “trigger,” which will listen for your Status change.

The second Zap will then get the column values of the item whose Status was changed in the first Zap.

You can then use the email in the email column to send out a Gmail!


Hi Helen- Thanks for your reply.
You’re correct but now I’m trying to do the opposite. I want to make a change a text field in the pulse when I receive an email or when a new pulse is created. But the Get Column Values only shows values from Gmail. Here’s a screen shot.


Sure! I’m wondering why you would be looking to “Get Column Values in” For this new Zap?

When you receive an email, which item’s text field would be changed? Is it the item that contains the email in your email column?

If this is the case, first you would need to search for the item that contains this column value. However, it looks like we don’t offer a Zap that allows you to search your items’ email column values to return the item Id of the one that contains this email.

What are you looking to update in the Text column? What if you just utilized one of our built in Gmail integration recipes to push the email into the relevant item’s Updates section?

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Helen- Thanks for sticking with me here and helping to find a solution.

I was trying to use the “Get Column Values in" in the hope that, on the next step, I would be able to choose the column values I need rather than only being able to chose Gmail data after picking the board I want to use. This make no sense to me.

What I want to do is update the Pulse Name and add the Pulse ID to it so the Pulse Name includes the Pulse ID. This doesn’t have to happen right when an email is sent or when the new item is created. Something else on the pulse can trigger it. When I send an automated email from Monday I’m able to use both the Pulse Name and add the Pulse ID for the Subject of the email. But I can’t find any way to choose the Pulse Name and ID unless I am sending an email.

This is how I think it should look in Zapier but I get an error. I’ve attached both.

@Jax I actually have quite a simple solution for this!

Have you ever utilized the Item Id column before? If not, I would definitely recommend adding it to your board. Then, when you send out an email, you can include both the Pulse Name and the value in the item’s Item Id (i.e. the Pulse Id) in the email too.

This way, you don’t even need to utilize Zapier, you can do it all using’s built-in Gmail integration!

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