Zap to use Monday "Email" field for Gmail "To" field

I’m trying to setup a Zap to send an email when the status changes in one of my Monday dashboards.
I setup the trigger to look for a change in the Monday status column.
I want to setup the action to send an email and use the email in the email column (I’m using a text column) as the “To” email.
However, the only fields I can pick from for the To column are related to the Status column and not the Email column.
Has anyone done this successfully? Do I need to add a step to look up the Email column value?

Hi @Jax!

I see you posted twice so if it’s alright with you, I’ll just post an answer to this one.

Yes absolutely-- at this time, you would need to set up another Zap that will “Get column values” for the item that triggered the Status change.

This way, you can pull the email information into your Gmail to be sent.

Does this make sense? Try it out and let me know if you run into any other questions!


Thanks for the reply. Yes. It makes sense. But… Are you saying to create a separate Zap all together or an additional step in my Zap? I’ve tried an additional step but the Get Column Values will only find the Status column values because that was the Trigger and it seems anything after the trigger only sees the data from the trigger. If a second Zap? How do I link the two?

Additional step!

The first step would be to listen for a Status column change. The second step would be to utilize the item Id returned from that trigger to query and pull all of the column values associated with that item.

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I sort of remember the option to listen for one column or all columns. I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.