change column status through sent emails

Hello everyone, please I need help with this because my head is going to explode:

  • I need to use to track sales. (new sale made → payment->order preparation->invoicing->delivery)
  • my sales system sends mail to when a sale is generated and with this automation a new item is created in the main panel.
  • Then when the accounting area confirms the customer’s payment, the status is manually changed and it goes to order preparation.
    ------- SO FAR EVERYTHING OK .------

-I have the problem here: in the invoicing column it should be shown when the fiscal document is made (my sales system sends an email when it is invoiced) my problem is that I cannot make this column change status through the mail . In short: I need to change the status of this column when my sales system sends mail to informing that the invoice is ready.

Thank you very much for your time

Another option could be to create a new board, which only creates new items when it receives an email, this item will have the same name as the sale name made on the main board, so the recipe would be something like this:

  • if the name of the item on board 2 is equal to the name of the item on board 1 (main board), the status of the Invoicing column changes to “INVOICED”

This would also help me but I can’t find anything similar… Help please.

somebody can help me, please?