Email automations with Monday... is this possible?

I would like to automate a series of emails to new pulses that are added to a board. It would go like this:

Day 1: Send email A

Day 3: Send email B

Day 5: Send email C

Day 7: Send email D

Day 8: Stop sending emails

If someone replies to an email, change Status to “Engaged.”

Is this possible? I cannot seem to make it work.


A quick answer:

  1. Create a work status column “Email”.
  2. Create a date column “Start”. Set to today for new items.
  3. Create custom automations: x days after Start arrives and Status is not Engaged set Email to Send x
  4. Create integrations: When Email changes to Send A, send an email to Someone

Let us know if you need more.

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Wow, thank you!

Is there a way to trigger a status change if the person replies to one of the emails?


That is potentially a much more complicated question.

The simplest, base-ish monday solution is if you can use this:

If not, the direction I would go would be to use a webhook call from an update update receipt to call an Integromat senario. But there are many possible solutions. The primary factor is how the email would be linked to the item.

If I setup your automation suggestion using Gmail integrations but also setup the Communihub, would emails arrive into communihub? I am not sure if you have to first email through communihub or if it catches all emails from the listed email address.


I’ve only looked at Communihub briefly. I do know that it does work with Gmail. I do not believe that the initial emails would have to be initiated through Communihub.

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