CommuniHub Calendar (scheduling) & Email Syncing

We are using Monday for our Sales Pipeline Management efforts technically as a CRM. I added the CommuniHub app to help us all centralize communication and it allows us to integrate and sync with Outlook and send emails from within Monday to “A contact” in the the client record.

  • When you create an email, it will auto populate the “To” field to whomever you have listed as the primary contact on that account. If you need to cc any other people, you have to manually type their email address in the cc and bcc fields. Is there a way to pull email addresses into CommuniHub from our Outlook directory?

  • There is also a “Events” tab in CommuniHub that allows the “User” to create events in their personal Monday/Outlook calendar which is great, but many of our Sales Execs have sales assistants who are responsible for scheduling follow ups, meetings, reminders, etc. for their sales execs. We are not able to do that? Are we missing some kind of configuration sync setting or something? or is it just not able to that?

The company uses MS Teams right now to schedule meetings and when we do, the invite includes links and dial in information for the participants. I added the MS teams app to the system as well but that really doesn’t do anything that would help us solve this dilemma?

Can anyone help or provide some suggestions on what to do to fix this?

@RRojas813 As far as I know, CommuniHub is still a work in progress, so we should wait to aprreciate all the functionalities.

We started using it, but than we decided then to wait for a fully integration of the app in MDC.