CommuniHub - no notification when email received

Has anyone tried using CommuniHub to communicate with internal stakeholders, or external clients?

I’ve done some testing with it over today.
This article says:
With the CommuniHub app, your team can manage hundreds of client or customer relationships from within! Keeping your communication centralized means that your team will spend less time tracking down the details for every interaction.

The functionality sounds great, until you get to this part of the article: Replies will be received in the CommuniHub app! You won’t be notified in about replies, but they will be stored within your email exchange

So it’s not centralized communication at all, you need to go to an inbox to know you have received a reply! Surely that’s not efficient in any way?

Does anyone have a workaround please?



Yes, same issue. You get notified in your email (ie. Gmail) but it doesn’t show a number in the Updates section like the actual “Updates” tab does. That would help!

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@KevG you can use integrations to get notified when an email arrives:

Hope it helps

Thank you.

I have used the Outlook integration with Communihub. We can send ok, and get the replies ok, but unless you check your Outlook inbox there is no notification served up in Monday.

It worked part-time, then broke.

It’s a known bug, Monday are aware of the issue, but no time to fix.

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I thought I was going crazy! Seems like the Gmail notification integration isn’t working either, at least not entirely.

I get a notification if I set myself explicitly as the SOMEONE who gets a message.

But if I direct notifications to subscribers, and subscribe, no notifications.

So the issue is probably in whatever corresponds to the Automation logic internally, not on the CommuniHub side.