Notifications from Email & Activities

Hi all,

When trying to make your “All-in-one” OS, we/our clients run into the problem of needing a mail client besides monday. Primary reason being that we don’t receive notifications through monday, when a contact has replied to an email we sent through Emails & Activities. There is currently a way to kinda have this happen:

  • “When new email arrives from email column notify someone with message”

One big drawback, however, is that this isn’t very dynamic, and requires a people column (or users to actively subscribe to each contact). This means several people get a notification they don’t need to check, and will only worsen the more users contact the same contact.

What I propose is:

  • “When new email arrives from email column notify recipient”

This way, we don’t have to worry about adding team members to a people-column/subscribe to all items, and we wouldn’t have to worry about being spammed by notifications as our team grows.


I 100% agree

We need notifications on Monday when someone responds

It seems I strange this doesn’t happen and I have to go
Client by client to be sure I don’t miss a response😖