Emails & Activities: Reply Notifications Issues

Hey! First of all, apologies if this query has already been posted - but I couldn’t find any exact matches.

My team is super excited about using the Emails & Activities integration on our account - but struggling to find a way to get the automations to work. Especially in terms of ‘when a new email arrives from email column, notify someone with message’. I’ve set the automation up, but the notification never comes through. When I check in the Integration activity tab, there’s no record here either.

Now, we’re not currently on Sales CRM, only Work OS. Could this be why the automations don’t work?

Appreciate any help.

Hi @eleanorallon - You are correct - Automations for the Email & Activities part of the system are only available in the Sales CRM product. You can use other automations for Gmail or Outlook, but not ones triggered by E&A activities.

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Hi @PolishedGeek! Thanks for your quick response.
So it seems they’re not entirely locked behind Sales CRM as when a completely new email comes through the notification automation works. However, it’s when a reply comes through that it flys under the radar.
Maybe just an oversight of the integration at the moment?