Activity updates via email replies from team members not working

New user here…Using CRM for Sales Leads. When a Lead activity is updated an email goes out to “persons”. As I receive this email in my outlook inbox from, with the activity update, there is a “Like” and a “Reply” button(s). When I click reply and write a reply, the system is not receiving that email and updating the activity timeline for that lead. I have read the Article for “Outlook Intergration” and feel like I might have this setup correctly as I am not getting any errors, it is just not posting my written “Reply”. Is there a specific Automation I need to have setup? What is going on here that I am missing???

Hey @shrev94412,

In order to track responses from a specific email address, we recommend setting this recipe up and ensuring the email address is logged in the email column (for the item):

image (131)

Alternatively, if you have purchased the CRM product, you can more easily achieve this through the emails and activities app - the app allows you to track and monitor correspondence all within one centralised place: Emails & Activities on

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

What I am trying to solve is when a lead is updated with an activity, Monday sends out an email to the other persons/team members. In my case it comes to my Outlook email which is Microsoft 365 via GoDaddy. On that email I can click on “Like” or “Reply”. If I click “Reply” and write a reply, the reply is not added to the activity feed associated with THAT lead.