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I’m new to Monday. I loaded up the CRM app and added “Email and Activities” to my board. I like the interface to Monday, generally, but there are some issues that are just killing me. Since I’m new, I’m wondering if I’ve just misconfigured things. Here’s my primary issue: I want to be able to send email either in my email client or in Monday and have it reflected everywhere. If I get an email from a client, I want to be able to reply in my email client and have Monday see this and add it to the activities list so that others (or me) can see the trail. This does not happen. Should it? I’ve added the client’s email in the email column of the Deals table.

It also looks like there is only a single email allowed in the email field of the deals table. It’s often the case that there are multiple people on a deal and I want to copy all of them. To do this, I have to jump out to my email client, grab all their emails and put them in Monday. This does not save time, it sucks it. But the integration seemed to say that only a single email can go there.

Next, after I’ve read an email and dealt with it, I don’t want to see that there is still a highlighted message icon next to a deal. This makes me think I have to go look at it again. But apparently the bubble stays lit for 7-days?? How can I save time if I have to go through all those again? This almost forces me back into my email client where I know I won’t see things that are already read.

Next, I cannot send email or anything else from Monday as long as it has the “powered by” branding. I can’t express how embarrassing it is to have that on the email. I went into the branding in the admin settings and put my logo and larger banner there, but it does not work. I can still see emails from me that have “powered by” on them.

Am I just “doing this wrong”? I would gladly pay for some help, but if this tool is just not going to get me where I need to go, I can abandon it and pick another. Is it just me or how I’ve configured it?


Hey @flexer!

  1. To clarify on your first point, you want to be able to send an email from your email service (aka, Gmail, outlook, etc), and have those emails reflected in emails and activities? Is that correct?

If that is correct, you should be able to see your emails in the emails and activities widget as long as you have the right email in an email column, which it sounds like you do. Could you send a couple of screenshots so I can see exactly what it looks like for you?

  1. We’ve actually found a way to resolve this by using a different board for Contact information, then associating multiple contacts with the deal on the Deals board. I’d be happy to show you how that works if you’re interested!

  2. I believe you’re talking about the blue and grey message icons. Is that correct? I believe that those are actually specifically tied to the “Updates” section of each deal, not necessarily the emails and activities widget. However, there are automations that you can set up to notify you when you do receive a response to one of your emails so that you only need to look when you’re notified. I’d also be happy to show you how to set that up :slight_smile:

  3. This one is a really simple fix, it’s just a little bit hidden :slight_smile: go to the settings of the emails and activities widget, then click on “Email Branding”. Then, check the box that ssays “Remove branding from your emails”. It’s a little bit counter-intuitive, but if the box is checked, the branding will be removed from any email you send. I’ve included screenshots below to help :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 9.09.48 AM

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 9.10.39 AM

Hopefully this is helpful! @greg_elevate anything else you would add to this list?

Like I said, I’m happy to meet to show you how to set up a few of the other things you were curious about if you’re interested. Just let me know! :slight_smile:

Tanner Consultant
Elevate Business Operations

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@tanner_elevate - That looks great to me!
@flexer - We’ve set up Emails & Activities for every one of our clients. It’s an awesome tool with a whole lot of time-saving features. Let us know if you’d like to go over it with us!

Greg Thomson Consultant
Elevate Business Operations

tanner_elevate First of all THANK YOU so much for the quick reply.

  1. Correct. I am using Gmail and I do not see that sent mail is added to the timeline in activities. I’ve also seen at least one situation where I sent an email in Monday, and it has not shown up in my sent email folder on gmail. Here’s the setting panel:

I just sent an email like this (from Gmail) and it hasn’t shown up (in emails and activities). We have multiple domain names linked to our gmail account (long story but originally we had a hyphen in our name and now do not), could this be the issue?

  1. Yes, this would be very useful to see. I do have a separate contact board and there is a secondary field in the Deals board called “Contacts” where I can put multiple emails. I typically have more than one here. I would love to see how to make the integration work off all of these.

  2. Yes I think we’re talking about the same thing. Here’s the indicator I’m talking about:

I believe these light up with emails or other updates, but I’m not certain. My complaint is that they don’t clear once I’ve reviewed the new information.

  1. I totally missed that there was a separate settings on the Email and Activities tab. With this I found the don’t use branding box was not checked, was able to add an email signature, etc. All very helpful.
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