Integration custom Action, get values associated with the row as well

I am creating a recipe in Integration
The trigger is an inbuilt trigger, When a Status changes to Something
The action is custom.
When the column changes to the one configured then will send a post request to the url configured in my custom action.
I want the item values associated with that row as well, the idea is to take the email associated with that row and send an email
Is there some way I can achieve this ?

Hi @Nithin_phil

Your endpoint receiving the post triggered by the status change needs to post to your action through the subscriptionId. I guess you are already doing that. The custom action will call another endpoint in your app and from there you can issue an API call to get the data (you need to know the columnId) for that email column.

Hope it makes sense.

Yeah, that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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