Send email using Zapier on new pulse


I would like to send an email using Zapier when a new pulse appears on a Monday board. So far so good. But how do I get to the individual column values for use in the email. I find only one field “Column values” which obviously contains a text format unknown to me with all column values together:

cid: name
name: customer xy
title: name

cid: person
title: Assigned
value: {u’personsAndTeams ‘: [{u’kind’: u’person ‘, u’id’: 9981300}], u’changed_at ‘: u’2019-08-21T08: 13: 11.533Z’}

cid: status8
title: status
value: {u’index ‘: 0, u’changed_at’: u’2019-08-21T08: 13: 03.706Z '}

cid: timeline
title: Timeline
value: {u’to ‘: u’2019-08-24’, u’from ‘: u’2019-08-14’, u’changed_at ‘: u’2019-08-21T08: 13: 26.771Z’}

Can anyone help me please?

Hey @Michael

I think might be able to advise.

He will get back to you shortly!