Ability to set the Pulse email address based on a column value

Add the ability to set the value of a pulse’s email address based on column value for that pulse. EXAMPLE: Column = Ticket ID. Pulse email would be a value such as TIC-123@delaplex.monday.com

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Hey @btaylor76

I’m not sure I understand your request - could you send me any screenshots which would help explain?


The Issue column circled is the column we want to use for the pulse email. So for example for the pulse circled we would want the email set to XGL21503@delaplex.monday.com by default. See the second screenshot to see what we are expecting.


Per discussion with @Hans I am adding this comment for visibility

+1 - Fully agree, this would be really useful as we are finding that this is one of the most manual tasks for us to keep board items/pulses updated.

Thanks for the context - makes more sense now!

May I ask what you’re using the board for and who is sending the emails into the updates of the items of the board?

I want to see if using our email integration might be a better way for you to add the information into the items than doing it through the email to an item feature.

Thanks @Julia-monday.com

We are using the boards for projects and support with clients. For most, the best details are passed around in emails. The logical name on a pulse (email address) gives our team the ability to quickly add it into a conversation (in email), because once they’ve used it once, they can pull it up by logical name (as a contact) don’t have to go to monday, find the board, the pulse, the address… etc.

By adding this to our email conversation, the client keeps it on copy and (though they are not subscribed to the board - due to some security and privacy concerns), we have the ability to keep the chain going when we reply (all) and update the client and pulse at the same time.

It’s more inclusive this way than emailing to an item, because we are not able to subscribe our clients to boards. Does that make more sense?