Email to Board enhancements

The “Email to Board” function is a good start, but it appears that there’s no way to set preferences on the board such that the emails are added correctly.

For example, I would like to be able to designate a column to capture the sender’s email address.

From, To, Date/time, Subject, and Body should all be options that can be captured into specific columns, instead of just putting the subject as the pulse name and the body of the email as an update. For extra credit, pulling any phone numbers, dates, etc found in the body into their own columns could be helpful too.

Hi , @KShook

Where this new function is documented? Maybe i miss this.

@hlopezvc - Email to Board is documented here

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I too want to know how to do this. I want the body of the email to populate my columns. This is additional manual entry resource time spent on a task when Monday should have the automated capability.

We just updated our marketplace app to be able to save email address to board item and also save sender name to board. We are parsing the update that is email generated to be able to do it .

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-06 at 7.03.49 PM

Let me know if there are specific requirements to make this solution better for you.

@Nir-Jetpack You had me all excited there for a second…

But what we really need is not to parse updates, but to pull the data from the original email-to-board function that creates a new pulse. And, sorry to say, we cannot accept it as an App Marketplace solution as we cannot share data outside the organization.