Email to pulse => new email address and no longer editable

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I have noticed with horror that the email address with which you can add an update are suddenly new and no longer editable. Furthermore, the old already customized email addresses suddenly have a new address. I have looked at the help page, but it seems to be only partially up to date. Does anyone else know anything about this? For me, incomprehensible that not first about such a change is actively informed.


Help article:


Same problem here, I cant find any info that changes has been made.

The option to send email to pulse from any address (non user) has also been removed. This crashes my system.

Workaround to add from any Emailadress is to use the Integromat Mailwebhook and the push the data to monday

Same here. I’m horrified. All our CRM processes were based on that. It looks more like a bug than a choice.
Please fix!

@simon_blinno do you have a integromat setup you can share?


Yes, of course, but it depends on the use case. Here an example:

Just use the custom mail webhook to send your email to it

Then use the create an item module. In my example, I use the subject as item name. You can also parse other information such as email address to columns.

Optional, you can push the Email text to an update in the created item

In the end it should look like this:

If you need further help please contact me.

@simon_blinno thanks for this. I dont see how this solves the ability to make a custom email address? The webhook address is also quite complicated. What am i missing?

Sorry my solution was for this problem here.

But theoretically you can make a column in with an identifier, which you then add in the mail e.g. in the subject. Then read out with Integromat and search for the corresponding item and make an update there.

That makes sense :slight_smile: thanks anyway. I really hope realize they have degraded the whole system by removing the custom email address. I really can’t understand why they would remove a great feature.

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This is a very disappointing change. It is important to be able to set your own email address for boards and items.