Use Secure Pulse Email Address in Email Columns instead of Customized Address

The email column allows to send an email to the specified email address and cc the pulse email address, so the mail is automatically logged in the pulse’s update section. This is basically very good.
Unfortunately, the pusle mail addresses used in cc is the “customized address” and not the “secure address”. For this reason, non-board members cannot reply to the pulse email address.

Please change the address used for this functionality to the “secure address”.

I agree that this is a must have feature. It would be great if the email column settings allowed us to choose whether to CC the “secure address” instead of the “customized address”. We should be able to decide if we trust the people we’re emailing and want their updates added to our board automatically. We work with multiple third-parties and internal teams who don’t have licenses because they only assist us with small things during a project. However, because they are not members of Monday, they are unable to reply to the pulse email so their response is not captured on the board. It’s very limiting.

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