Option to bcc an email to the pulse in an email column as well as cc

It would be useful to also have an option to bcc the pulse, in an email column, as well as the existing option to cc the pulse - cc’ing the pulse is likely to make a client receiver suspicious of who the email came from, whether it is a genuine email and who the email has been cc’d to. This will allow a copy of the email to be retained as an update in Monday.com, without unnecessarily worrying the recipient client.


Thank you for sharing this with us! I’d love to hear what the community thinks of this suggestion.

I’d like to confirm that you are referring to the ability to BCC a pulse when clicking on an email address in the email column as opposed to doing so with an email integration, is this correct? I want to make sure we send the feedback to the right team.

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Thanks for your response and apologies for the delay coming back to you, I just needed to test something. I notice that, when an email is sent as a result of an integration / automation that a copy of the email is automatically saved as an update so my suggestion would be relevant to when clicking an email address in the email column (I realise, when you do this, you could simply cut and paste the address from the cc box to the bcc box in the email app itself but it would just be nice to have the option not to have to do this)





I would also Like to see this!

Its a really good idea


This would be a great addition. In fact, I think BCC should be the default.


I agree, we submitted that to monday.com support last month. If the person you are writing to is not a Guest or user in the account, and they use reply to all when the pulse email is cc:d, they will get back a bounce message which would be annoying and confusing. Bcc avoids that entirely.


That would be great if the pulse could be in bcc than cc indeed. I am currently doing this manually, cut and paste from cc to bcc.


It is great to be able to send a copy of an email to a pulse, but I agree, the default should be BCC (blind). The board is for internal use only and customers do not to be made aware of it.


I’m also in favour of putting the pulse link in bcc as default perhaps with the option to have it in cc instead. Our customers have been finding it very confusing to receive an email with a pulse contact. Those that tried to ‘reply all’ we’re further confused when they received a bounce back. We now have to manually move the pulse email from cc to bcc to prevent this from happening.


Has anyone tried to solve this via API? Also being able to email multiple contacts together as opposed to individual emails would be helpful.

We would also really like that! The Cc email bounce backs for our clients are concerning, but we like to use the email integrations and like having the emails sent from Monday.com logged as an update


So far I’m just dragging the address down into the BCC area from the CC area in Gmail.
I’ve also been playing with the new Email Communication app by monday, but I prefer for the email to be inserted into the Updates main view, so it’s in sequence. The new Email Communication app is a separate Item view tab.

I’m following up on this feature request because I would definitely help a lot of users. Any consideration of implementing this in the near future?

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This would not only be really helpful but a have-to feature so pulse emails to Monday via BCC field.

I am surprised that this topic is not discussed more often. Because the impact of a CC pulse address is manifold: SPAM, mistrust (I don’t know - what is that?), customer thinks I am sending our communication to third parties etc.).
Are there any updates planned?

Thank you for taking this aspect seriously.

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This is very important to my business in a sales context. The pulse name in the CC line looks unprofessional, unfamiliar and can cause a distraction - which you don’t want in a sale interaction. The customer notices and worries or just wonders what the cc address IS. Instead of focusing on your email.
We are actually currently on Capsule CRM, and considering changing to Monday. Capsule automatically puts the link to the Opportunity into the BCC liine, out of the customer’s sight and mind.
Having to move it from one line to another is against the principals of a smooth workflow with the least messing around. Too many things to remember instead of just doing the work.


We REALLY need this BCC option as well… or at least have the option to change our account setting to choose what we want our default to be (either CC or BCC). I’m new to monday, but it seems to me that if someone is already shared on a board with you, why wouldn’t you just communicate with each other through the Updates instead of emailing back and fourth? It makes more sense to me to have the pulse default to BCC because clicking on an email address because you would be using this feature more with people who are not shared on your board. Please consider adding this option soon! Thank you!


+1 for this. I would love to have it default to BCC rather than CC.


+1, would love for emailing from clicking on an email column to default to adding the pulseID email address to BCC rather than CC to prevent alerting the recipient. Or at least an option to choose manually choose CC or BCC in Emails and Activities settings.

I’d love to be contact by a monday.com team member if they happen to see this. Thanks!

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I vote for this too!
I use this feature daily and am constantly changing the pulse email address from CC to BCC.
Agree with many of the points above - but it’s been a while since this was raised, maybe it’s been addressed by now and I’ve just missed it.
Re-invigorating this thread to know either way!

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I’ve voted for this! Any news about the implementation?