Full email capabilities - its here!

Hallo, everyone! We are starting to roll out monday.com Email communication app! We would love to hear your thoughts!

You can add it to your account with this link:

You can see how it works here:


Thrilled to see this officially released, @Ronk !

Question - Are there plans to have the email app handle individual email threads in different items? For example, let’s say I have the same contact on several items. Perhaps we working with them on a few different potential opportunities. I’d like for outgoing emails from the app to be somehow uniquely tracked, so when the contact replies it will go into the right Item. Currently, all email history related to the app goes into every Item with that email as the contact. There’s no individual item level conversation thread.

Is that coming eventually?


Hey Ron,

Kudos, looks very very promising.

Just tried the bcc feature on a non-existing contact and nothing happened, no item was created.

Ronen Babayoff
Eazyform for monday

Great news. I assume it isn’t quite ready to function as a support ticket system replacement, but are there plans to add features to make that possible?


I tried to send a couple of emails but they never arrived. Is there some configuration needed to get started?

I also see that the bcc does not work.
I wrote directly using feedback sometime ago to also ask what the private option means in the settings. It’s connected with the bcc option?

Another note that dark mode for this app needs attention as you cannot read the notes etc. @Ronk

Great start but doesn’t work in the flow it should, missing tons of features to make it actually usable.
This feature needs to be part of the UPDATES widget and not a separate one or at least make them work seamlessly together.

  1. When I send an email from that software it doesn’t add automatically to the update tab, no options to add it over there as well. Why there’s absolutely no connection between those widgets “views”? as of now all our “outside” emails at logged in the updates. Logging it in the email widget is useless when it doesn’t show up anywhere else.
  2. Why I can’t reply to an update with this integrated email widget?
  3. I like the template feature but it doesn’t save the title and the button for it is way to hidden, pull this out to the main window.
  4. Capturing outgoing emails that doesn’t work, also this whole BCC model is flawed. If you want people to use it you need to make that it will be automatically added to the BCC field when i reply to emails from the app, not manually copying it.
  5. No choice for font, it sends them in an awful font although written in other…
  6. It does double spaces in email although now showing in the client,
  7. No html or pictures support (for example signature with picture)
  8. No automation connection at all as of now

It’s like you added a widget that doesn’t integrate with anything else on Monday, I don’t get it.


Woohoo! Great release! I would love to be able to include signatures.

I wasn’t able to use the ‘Bcc capture all’ feature. I think this will be the most use feature of this widget.

Looking forward to hearing updates.

Also attachments do not work at all.

Looks great!!
Only Right-to-Left language support is missing, meaning all points or question marks jump to the beginning of the sentence…

absolutely brilliant function! 4 suggestions for this:

  • allow multiple templates to be inserted into one mail
  • allow to add a signature
  • please add the columns in form of variables in the templates
  • blanks are added to outgoing emails by accident

Thanks for the great app!

This is a big step forwards, and there are a lot of good suggestions here that would make it better.

One I would like to add would make this immediately a lot more useful for anyone trying to use Monday as a business management system.

Currently, the Email function only works if there is an email column. This limits the functionality to a single board, unless you duplicate data (i.e. two boards with copies of the same email address).

What would be more useful is if this could work off a mirrored email column. That would allow us to use it for Ticketing systems, Sales CRMs and anything else that uses a central Contacts board.



Would love to try. But your missing a big info: it only works with Gmail and Outlook!
You should mention this somewhere so users don’t go trough the whole process and keep their hopes up just to notice that it doesn’t work :persevere:
@Ronk Do you have any plans to offer it to more clients than just Gmail/Outlook?

Thank you for this @Ronk !

Been using this now. Hoping that monday.com team will support and improve this app. :slight_smile:

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I use Gsuite, but not the Gmail client - should the BCC function work for me? It doesn’t seem to, but a few random messages seem to be getting through (not the ones I’d expect).

To answer my own question - no you don’t need to use the Gmail client.

The issue I am seeing appears to be unrelated to email client. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t - I can’t see a pattern.

The biggest pain point I am having with the CRMail addon is that we have multiple distinctly different items (ex. individual projects) with the same email contact. For example, Joe is our contact with the concrete company and Joe is the contact in the email column on 4 separate items. When we receive an email from Joe, it automatically adds that email to all 4 items that he is included on. Functionality similar to the Outlook integration that allows us to sort emails based off inclusion of keywords or job names in the subject or body of an email would remedy this issue.

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Is anyone getting predictable behaviour from this?

Sometimes I get no emails logged when I use the BCC.
Sometimes emails get logged even when I have never previously logged an email with them, or sent one from Monday.

I’m not even sure what the expected behaviour is?