*New app by spot-nik*

SuperMail - mails without limits!


The app will change the way you send automated emails on monday.com.

Now you can design your emails with rich text, add images and most importantly, send files from the file column with no limitations of board membership.

Check it out below👇 and let us know if this is helpful for you!

A link to download the app- https://auth.monday.com/oauth2/authorize


This looks brilliant - badly needed

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Congratulations on the release @Michaleiba

A few features that should have been built in Monday from the beginning. :thinking:

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Hi is it possible to save a general Signature? This would help so much. GREAT APP !

Hi Alex,
At the moment this is not possible but it is on our list of improvements for the app.
Hopefully it will be added by the end of September.

Hi, is it possible to use HTML inside the templates?

EDIT: Not possible, had to use a trial email to test it.

Hi Lucas,
At the moment SuperMail does not support HTML.
It is on the list of improvements for the app and will be added by the end of the year (hopefully before)

Hi Michal,
This app is brilliant. However, Is it possible to send email to multiple emails in an email column on Monday? I know it can send to a single email but tried with multiple emails but it didn’t work.
For example: Person A has 2 emails: a@gmail.com & a@outlook.com. I splittedthem by a ;


Hi Viet,
Supermail supports sending emails to people column, email column, text column and also mirrored people column, mirrored email column and mirrored text column.
If you what to send one item to more than one recipient you can do one of the following-
1- send to the people column which can have more than one person in it or even a team.
2- send to text column where you can put several emails separated but ;
3- send to a mirror column where more than one item was connected in the other board.

Take a look at this video.
Let me know if you have any more questions

Booking Management Board - Google Chrome 2023-1…
Hi Michal,

Thank you for your email, it was very helpful. I used ; but I added space between 2 emails. That’s why it didn’t work.
I have another issue, I hope you can help. When I set up integration for one of the boards in my CRM, it wasn’t able to load the recipient column.
Please see the video attached.

Thank you,

HI Viet,
This issue actually happened to another client of mine this week so I have the answer :slight_smile:
Please make sure both workspaces have supermail installed on them.
Meaning- check that the workspace you are mirroring to, has Supermail installed on it.

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:


Hi Michal,

I did add supermail on all of my workspace, but it didn’t work.
Could you please check?

Thank you,

Hi Viet,
Can we please meet so I can see the issue?
Click here to book a meeting with me.

If you can’t find a slot due to time zones, please let me know where you are located and we can find a time that suits us both.

Hi Michal,

See you next Monday then.
Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,

Great see you then

Michal Leiba Alscheh
monday.com Consultant
If you wish, we will be glad to meet you

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I created SuperMail templates on my Monday.com board template. However, when I create a new board from that Monday.com board template, all my SuperMail templates are gone. The same thing happens when I duplicate a board containing SuperMail templates - the Templates tab on the SuperMail tab shows “No templates found”. Is there a way to make new boards so I don’t need to re-create the SuperMail templates every time I make a new board for a similar project?

That’s because SuperMail is a board view. It has only the data in that specific board.
About the duplication of the board, I need to check it but I think it is because we don’t get an indication from Monday’s api that it is the same board.
We are located in Israel and unfortunately, due to the situation here most of our team are in reserves duty. So we are very slow on development at the moment.
I will check it and get back to you as soon as I know something.


Michal Leiba Alscheh
monday.com Consultant
If you wish, we will be glad to meet you

For EU and APAC time zone press here

For North America time zone press here

We would like this feature as well. I want to create several email templates in a monday board template and have the email templates follow the board. Since the fields are the same, it should be able to go with the board. It’s a pretty important feature for us, as well as adding HTML in the mails

Any updates on HTML for email templates? I would love to copy and past templates I have in Gmail and save them into the app. I am working on automating a Welcome Email and HTML is a must. Incredible app, great work!

Hi Matt,
I don’t have any updates yet but I can tell you that when I do “copy>paste” from my gmail templates to my supermail templates it copies everything including my signature.
Would that work for you?