Full email capabilities - its here!

Just backing this up!
This feature has great potential, but like Sven, I’d love to see an option to send via own SMTP

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We use Gsuite and the CRMail app is working great. But is there a place in Monday to see all new emails? I know I receive a Notification but it doesn’t have any details.

I’m sending to the BCC from my outlook and it doesn’t do anything

there is no integration recipe to send emails to a email contact when by example a status change like gmail integrations?

There is, add the app as in integration in the Integration Center

hi @shaisolan i cant see a recipe to send an email from the integration center, what im could possibly doing wrong?=

You are correct, my apologies.
I believe this feature will be available very soon.
Please hold tight.

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@Ronk do you know what’s the reason that there is no support for using your own SMTP provider of joyce? Why does it have to be Gmail or Outlook?
Are other SMTP providers supported soon or is it going to be a longer waiting time? (like this year or not even this year?)


This would be a highly desired feature indeed.