Please, reinstate option to modify email address in "create items via email"

Hi there, we have reached out to support but no one was able to help and we are at a dead end here - and would like to get this sorted asap!

We use the option “create items via email” daily and share the boards’ email address with our clients so that they can send us tasks. To avoid confusion we used to rename email addresses as to make it easy for the client and for us to keep track of where the request comes from (each client was assigned with a different email address). However, the functionality of personalising email addresses was recently removed and we’d like to have it reinstated or find a way to create a shorter version of the current boards’ email.

As we share the email address with the clients, we can’t expect them to remember to use the email address provided - it’s extremely long and impossible to remember (also hard to track).

The functionality to easily add tasks to boards via email was a big part of our decision to transition to for project management and we would like to keep using this functionality as part of our paying package. Can you please assist??

Very much seconded.

It’s hard to believe that a functionality like this is being so degraded, so users and clients should now send emails to an address like :
, whereas it used to a simple emailaddress like


This feature is absolutely crucial to my company’s workflow, can’t believe they are getting rid of it. AND with no notice!


This was an important feature for us as well. Very disappointing that we cannot customise email addresses anymore. We would love to see the return of this feature!

1 Like I think that has a really strange approach to its customers. Many of us has taken the features available in use.

When it suddenly gets removed, it is not so happy, fun, and incredible anymore. The worst thing, in my opinion, is that does not give any reasonable explanation why the feature is removed nor information that it has been removed.

Please make this feature available again.

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Hi everybody,

We have made a security enhancement that affects the way email to board feature operates. While this feature is nonetheless available to users, we are passing the feedback about the inconvenience that this enhancement may cause. The formatting has changed but the functionality of the feature itself should remain as is.

I am sorry that this has caused you inconvenience and I understand the issues you are presenting. Know that we are committed to creating the best, most efficient, easy to use and secure system for you.

This is very disappointing, and I am bemused by the perceived lack of thought put into this features removal.

Weve been using this feature for over a year now and our business’s workflow has adapted to using it. Suddenly without warning you simply remove it one day. What did we do to you that you suddenly sabotage our business in this way? Are our subscription fees not paid in advance?

If there is a technical reason beyond our comprehension, I would still like to know why you could not give us some notice? Would have given us a chance at least.

Ask your engineers/decision makers to try putting themselves in our shoes the next time they decide to simply turn something off.


This is very disappointing.

Is there a chance to reinstall this option again?

It would simplifly our workflows a lot as sharing the current boards-email-addresses is not practicable.

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I used this feature to easily add items to board directly from received emails or just to create an item without leaving my email workflow.

Examples I used this for were tasks which would go to New Cv’s would go to and many more which was easy to do as each had a recognisable email address which my email client would store for me: for use on our Monday CRM board

Now any new boards that I want to do this for have email addresses which are unusable for this workflow so I need to load up that board and go into the settings to copy the email address each time - a real slow down to my workflow.

Would really like to see this feature return.

Looks like this has been added back in!

I realise that though this has resolved my issues, this won’t resolve everyone’s issues with this as external users will still not be able to use the customised email address.

See screenshot below:

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