Emails to Item Updates not working

I have a board that I use to update various items. Many times, the updates are coming from clients via email. I forward the updates to the Item > Updates > Email address.

This feature seems to work sometimes but other times following the exact same workflow will not add the email to my items. Is this a bug or is the feature just not very reliable?

Hey @ry_zims,

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Sorry that you’re experiencing some issues using the email to board feature. Given that this is working intermittently for you, this does sound a bit strange… I understand you’re following the exact same workflow, however just to double check for those emails that aren’t coming into your items, are you sending those emails from the email address associated with your account (i.e, the email address you used to join the account)? Is there any change in email?

You can reference this article for a bit more insight into how the function works if you need: Email to board

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!! They are coming from the same account. The only difference would be the specific item that I am sending the updates to - all emails are coming from my same address. It seems that sometimes the emails will come through to the conversation hours later, but it is still intermittent with regards to what comes through eventually.

Our board has about 200 items so it is large but not near the 10k limit. I asked our IT team to check into our email filters and whitelist any emails with * Is there a way to check and see what emails have been sent to the item API keys? I could provide examples if that is an option.

Sorry for the delayed reply Ryan! Thanks for this insight. Given that this behaviour is intermittent, this does sound a little strange, and slightly bug related. Additionally, your item count is way under the limit, so this certainly shouldn’t be impacting the performance. Just as a final check for those emails that intermittently come through - the unique item email populates the recipient line, and not in the cc or bcc section, correct?

If not, in this instance, I would recommend reaching out to our support team, in-case our tech specialists need to have a look. Would you be happy to reach out via :pray:

Suddenly today. Been working fine for months. All our Monday accounts, all users, multiple domains, multiple office locations - all no longer working when we fordard emails using “Write updates via email”. Please help.

Hey @JoeC!

We were experiencing issues with the updates and write updates/items via email feature at the end of last week, both of which have now been resolved - we apologise for the inconvenience this caused! Can you please let me know if you’re still running into some issues here? :pray:

@BiancaT was this ever updated? When we send email from updates or click on an email address and it attaches the pulse, it doesn’t show the email it was sent to? It just shows “sent via email”

Hey @Rach12,

At this stage, this is expected behaviour. I can definitely check on this internally as to whether we plan on changing this in the future :+1: