Default values for new pulses

Hello there,

When I create a new pulse and/or when new pulses are created through forms I would love to set a default value for some columns. Espcially the ones that are set as not visible in forms.

That would save tremendous time !


+1 to this request please :slight_smile:

Here’s 2 use cases, this is huge for us!!!

1 - We want the client partner (contact on all new items) to be assigned a new item when it is added to a board. We have admins setting up new boards and don’t want them messing with automations to hard code when a client partner name changes. We need to be able to store this info at the client level (another board) or at the board level, to default who should be assigned the pulse
2 - We have thresholds that make it critical to seek further approval for working on an item. We need to know when these are reached, and automate our approval status column to advise when approval is required/not. Right now, we have to enter the threshold on each new pulse as it is created, and it’s quite an issue, unless we want to hardcode it and have people messing with automations on each new board (which we don’t/can’t).

+1 for this one. Very helpful integration.

This would help us a lot as well